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When did you last make a backup? Simple question that can provoke the strangest of responses from computer users, ranging from ‘There is nothing important on the computer apart from my photos and work stuff but I could lose my job if the work stuff went missing’ to ‘They can have the lot’. When did you last invite a burglar into your house intentionally to be robbed? In the real world, without a recent backup any problem with your computer or the latest encryption ransomware virus can make your data unavailable, often without warning.

So make sure you have an external hard drive at least the size of your computer’s hard drive, install a simple backup program like Runtime’s DriveImage XML and make a backup of your hard drive to the external hard drive. Store away from the computer in a safe place then repeat the backup process every few months or sooner if you add documents, pictures and videos more frequently. Then when there is a problem you can always recover your data regardless of how or why it happened.




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