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Now the dust is beginning to settle, Windows 7 testing has begun in earnest. IT professionals who have been using the Windows 7 release candidate for several months were a little surprised to see the final version is virtually the same. Our verdict from testing, is that it gives a good initial experience over Vista. Longer term use though gives a different impression.

Despite defragmenting the hard drive, tuning the OS and keeping the registry cleaned, Windows 7 just gets slower and slower in use. From a ‘wow that’s quick’ to ‘I want XP back’ in a few months. It is better than Vista, but that is no benchmark and in every day use XP still gives a better user experience, quicker to start, does less in the background and easier to keep well tuned.

There will be little OS choice soon, with XP being phased out (and Vista binned quicker than an ecoli sausage), so there is going to be a lot of people wondering why their super fast PC with Windows 7 starts running like a three legged dog. We will keep testing and eventually the slow down cause will be found. Once we do we will let you know as well, as security is marginally improved with Windows 7, and it is much better to run as non-admin user in 7 than XP. Even User Access Control (UAC) is tolerable in 7 compared to Vista, so the time when all Windows users login as non-admin users is getting closer.



Have a slow computer? Tempted by the many software utilities that promise to speed up your computer for €20-50. Don’t bother!

There are two parts to a computer, the hardware and the software. If your hardware is not at a reasonable specification then nothing you do with software will make it run faster than it does.

Extra memory is normally the best hardware upgrade for computers but you can have too much as well. More than 3GB is wasted on Windows 32 bit operating systems regardless of XP, Vista or 7. If you have 1GB or less though, then a memory upgrade will add more speed increase than any software change.

Software tuning is a very complex process that varies on each computer. If you do not know what you are doing then you will cause more problems than you will solve. The Register compared all the paid tuneup tools on Vista and found that the benefits were marginal at best or worse than a free tool available called CCleaner.

Our recommendation is to spend the money that these software tools cost, to hire a security / computer professional who can improve your computer properly and provide added benefits like backups and hard drive encryption appropriate to your circumstances.

If you are in the Netherlands then you can even hire me for a computer security makeover!



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