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The Secure IT Foundation in conjunction with SecurityBrad and Mozilla Foundation presented OneWebDay Amsterdam on Tuesday 22nd September. As the Netherlands representatives, our contribution to OneWebday was giving Amsterdam home computer security advice for free!

We started out at 2pm at Amsterdam Centraal Station, giving out leaflets and advice. We continued around Amsterdam, stopping in Kalverstraat, Dam Square, Warmoestraat and Nieuwmarkt.

You can see the pictures under the Pictures link above or by clicking here. Strangely no Fords in the pictures!



Thanks goes to AW from for the artistic talent and design. Also to our snapper JH and JD for just being there.



The Secure IT Foundation is getting involved with the One Web Day initiative. The One Web Day, in short, is an US originated awareness day to publicise the benefits of the Internet and to help ensure it is considered a resource for all. We are getting involved to promote the need for security while using the Internet, giving ‘security for all’ in practice. It is sponsored by Mozilla (and Ford) Foundations and has been gaining support around the world in the last couple of years.

Amsterdam OWD

Currently the plan is to use ‘Street Doctor‘ type tactics to offer free computer security advice to anyone that asks. Starting off near Central Station and walking around the centre of Amsterdam giving out home computer security information, with our top ten tips and advice.

Do join the Amsterdam OWD group using the OWD web site sign up (registration required), then visiting ‘Groups’, then ‘Amsterdam’.

We have a professional photographer capturing the event for the world to see.



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