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Once upon a time Apple Mac users were happy people, laughing at Windows users suffering with virus problems… As Macs became more popular, the malware and virus writers have turn more attention to the Apple operating system OSX. Now a fake Anti Virus program can run on a Mac without needing a password. This brings Mac security on a level par with Windows.

Perhaps as the Windows users have years of experience dealing with viruses and malware, the naivety and now abundance of Apple’s user base makes them ripe for the picking.

You can read the recent timeline of Apple’s security model failing here and then install the AV for Mac from Sophos for free before you get caught out. Don’t be a smug mac user, get protected and resign yourself to being no more secure than the Windows user next to you. Read the history of Mac viruses and find they pre-date Windows viruses by a few years!

The quicker Mac users accept the change then the quicker they can move on and begin to deal with the problem… Denial of a problem has always works so well with computers.




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