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Once upon a time, roughly April 2010, there was a Linux operating system called Ubuntu that was on the verge of becoming mainstream for home computers. Easy to use, easy to recommend. Simple clean user interface that only needed 5 minutes training for Windows and OSX users to get going. What happens next appears to down to one of two things… conspiracy or cock-up.

The conspiracy theory is that other operating system makers placed their own people within the Linux and Ubuntu community to ruin Ubuntu and the immediate future of Linux on the desktop.

The cock-up theory is that the management of Ubuntu are so visionary and looking into the future that they did not see the immediate problems with their track in front of them and just derailed.

Either way, in 2012 the Linux desktop market is so fragmented with multiple versions of Linux that newcomers looking for a stable operating system cannot find anything close to the stability of Windows or OSX and give up reverting to a proprietary operating system, as ‘free’ does not mean better to them.

To highlight this Linux problem, the latest Ubuntu feature is to reintroduce typing in the mouse / touch driven menus system. While the rest of the world moves to touch based computers, Ubuntu thinks the future is in typing in a command line to start a program, just like it was still 1982, 10 PRINT “hello world”.

Their new ‘HUD – Head Up Display’ can be seen here:

You can almost see their train of thought, converting the HUD into a voice driven system in a few years but reliable fully voice driven computers are still mostly science fiction.

Until we all talk routinely to our computers, our own operating system PrentOS under development will be strictly mouse and keyboard. Touch may be added in the future as it would fit well with our ARM based version but typing commands to start a program will always remain in the geek domain.

init 6 please Ubuntu…



September 2010 we said it was time for a brand new start to computing, well it is starting to take shape…

PrentOS is the official public name for the project to develop a new open source licensed operating system with the goal of making a simple, secure computer.

Why PrentOS? Simple really, as it PrentOS is being developed primarily by Brad Prent, the owner of SecurityBrad and Brads Computer Service Station

For now, we have parked the domains and while we work on producing the Alpha version and we aim to launch limited public testing via the shop in Rotterdam by the end of 2011.


From experience we can safely say the biggest cause of hard drive failure is… YOU, the computer user!

Do you shut your computer off completely before you move it? Do you turn it off by using your operating system shutdown option? If  you answered no to either question and your hard drive fails then you now know why! Just held in the power button as you were fed up waiting for it to shutdown? Well a hard drive is a mechanical device and can be compared to an old fashioned record player. A needle moves over disks of metal reather than vinyl and is air cushioned these days but the principle is similar. Unless you shutdown the computer using the shutdown option then you are scratching the needle over your record by moving it. Same goes for holding in the power button to turn it off, this is like having a fancy automated record player which auto returns if you let it. Instead of waiting for the device to do its job, you are grabbing the needle and forcing it back into its housing violently.

The future for computers is to use Solid State Devices called SSDs which have no moving parts. Too expensive for most they are slowly becoming available. All laptops should have SSD storage over mechanical devices in our opinion. Both types suffer electronic failure but the user has to do some bad things to damage a SSD compared to hard drive!


Despite the best foaming of rabid Linux ‘experts’, Linux has been found to have yet another serious security problem, especially in Red Hat versions. Given that it runs a large chunk of the Internet and is used by many commercial web businesses, there is a looming risk to your personal information could be flying out the door soon. Responsible Linux users will have patched against this but given most commercial enterprises don’t apply patches immediately there will be a gap between the bad guys exploiting it with companies applying the patches to fix the issue.

Simple rule is, software is never perfect and always needs patching. The operating system is irrelevant, all will need patching while humans still write the code!



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