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A common question we get asked a lot, why have a firewall on each computer when the network is protected by the firewall in my router? Simple answer, it is a question of trust. If you follow secure computing advice like the Secure IT Foundation’s Home Computer Policy, then you will know that safe computing starts with not giving away trust. Why do you need to trust the other computers on your network just to read your emails and access the Internet. Even if you do share files with other people in your computer network then that is all your firewall should allow.

In case this seems like paranoia, then a new method of hacking has been developed which allows the bad guys to bypass your router’s firewall completely! You can read more about it on The Register. Suddenly your computer’s only defence is your software firewall that comes with your operating system. This includes Apple Mac OSX users, as your firewall may not be on by default. As long as it is properly configured to block all incoming requests, then you will be protected while the majority of computer users will be vulnerable. For once smugness is not the preserve of Mac users as the Windows firewall is not fully secure in its default configuration either!




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