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September 2010 we said it was time for a brand new start to computing, well it is starting to take shape…

PrentOS is the official public name for the project to develop a new open source licensed operating system with the goal of making a simple, secure computer.

Why PrentOS? Simple really, as it PrentOS is being developed primarily by Brad Prent, the owner of SecurityBrad and Brads Computer Service Station

For now, we have parked the domains and while we work on producing the Alpha version and we aim to launch limited public testing via the shop in Rotterdam by the end of 2011.



Version 2.0 of the Secure Computer Standard has been published on the Standards and Documents pages.

The Secure Computer Standard is a document published by the Secure IT Foundation, to give computer manufacturers, repairers and sellers guidance as to what steps they should be taking to provide a computer ‘secure out the box’ or a baseline for repairers to give good service. It has been simplified and reworked following over six months testing at Brads Computer Service Station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The rating scheme has also been simplified following real world feedback.

As usual this is a living document, and all suggestions for improvement and error corrections are appreciated. You can contact us here.


You do hope this was a pet!

You can see more computer filth here and here!

Due to popular demand, we have added a couple more horrors as seen in our shop in Rotterdam

Here is a power supply that stopped working. Can you tell why?

Here is a CPU fan and cooler that also needed a little attention!

A closer look at the fan after it has been removed

Hope you are not eating your lunch.



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