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Not much of a surprise this one, given the similarity to XP / Vista under the hood, but Windows 7 is just as vulnerable to viruses and this has now confirmed by Sophos. Then again if they said otherwise who would use their product. Next week they will tell us the sky is blue and you need an umbrella in the rain to stay dry.



Here at the Secure IT Foundation, we like to test new developments in the security market to know what to recommend for home computer users. Immunet Protect is a new product which uses your Internet connection to check with their servers any new application installed on your computer. It does this by using a mathematical formula to ‘fingerprint’ or uniquely identify the application you want to install against their list of bad or malicious software. Different to traditional Anti Virus software as it does not store the list of bad software on your computer but checks on the Internet to the Immunet ‘cloud’.

It should be run in addition to your standard Anti Virus software like AVG or Norton’s, not instead of it. As it is early days of the product, being in ‘beta testing’, it is currently free. Future plans for pricing are not known. You can read more about it at this site. It does has some strong pedigree with its developers and supporters being well known in Internet and Anti Virus Security, and was only launched this month.

While I would not recommend trying it for computer you cannot live without in case there are problems found, in our testing to date it works quietly and without interfering with existing Anti Virus software. However we are safe surfers so have not downloaded a real threat to test it against. One question we have is what about applications installed when off the Internet, does it check when reconnected i.e. too late to stop a threat installed off line or does it really have its own list stored away like all the other products? I expect the former given the need to maintain your existing Anti Virus software…

Do let us know if you try it and what you think of it, as like Secunia this could be a new company that changes the security landscape.

Update: So far from our own testing it works well when you are online, but we don’t download enough threats in day to day computing to really put it through its paces. Further testing is being done by SecurityBrad on our behalf with his sticky honeypots.



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