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If you only ever update your computer’s operating system and applications once every few months, if at all, then it is time you checked your updates as June proved to be a busy month for security exploits used to take over your computer.

Adobe has released updates to their Flash player, Shockwave Player and Reader products plus a host of other updates for their paid versions.

Java has been updated to Version 6 Update 26

Sumatra PDF has been updated to version 1.6, but do choose not to install the plugins for browsers.

Microsoft issued 16 new security updates for multiple versions of Windows. Link only works for Internet Explorer users sadly. If you have already installed the June updates, there has been an update released on the 28th June to fix an additional problem with TLS/SSL.

Apple released new versions for Itunes, Quicktime and MobileMe. From Windows run Apple Software Update but mind their trick of showing you items not installed in the hope you leave then selected!

Mozilla updated both Firefox to version 5.0 and Thunderbird to 3.1.11.

While you are running updates, Skype also should be updated from the built in check for updates option.

If that hasn’t got you rushing to patch your PC, then either you do not consider your computer’s security important yet or you have already installed Secunia’s PSI application to check your patch level on a regular basis for you…



The problem with popular applications like Adobe Flash is that they aren’t always written with security in mind. As its functionality works well and millions use it daily all over the world, the bad guys love to exploit its popularity and insecurity.

Once a problem is found eventually Adobe releases a fix for that problem, the bad guys find a new method and the whack a mole game continues. This time the latest mole to surface comes via a word document proporting to be about ‘Industrial policy and Competition policy in China’. Open the word document the booby trapped flash file runs and your computer is compromised.

This mole is scheduled to be whacked soon by Adobe, but the sooner an open source product can replace this for the mainstream, the better. Sumatra PDF makes Adobe Reader seem like pointless bloat, so where is the light open source version of flash? Is anyone starting to gnash their teeth again for Windows?



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