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To show your support for the work of the Secure IT Foundation just add you comments below.

Don’t give us money!

We are a ‘not for profit organisation’ who form a non legal entity with no financial capacity. Donations are not accepted as the cost of producing the standard comes from voluntary work only. There is no cost to hosting the website, thanks to WordPress, and managing this web site is done on a voluntary basis.

Do give us your time and help!

If you are an established IT Security consultant then your time is especially welcome. Write an article for our blog, link to us, or just tell others about our work. Comments on documents are always welcome by email if you don’t want to post in public.

If you are in the media then you can help publicise the Secure Computer Standard. We offer interviews by Skype and telephone without charge. Travel and accommodation expenses incurred for interviews given in person must be reimbursed to ensure our volunteers are not out of pocket while volunteering for the Secure IT Foundation, although no charge is made for the interview itself.

If you can offer printing services to help us promote the standard, we always need support with leaflets, banners and other promotional material for trade shows and public events. Email us via the Contact Us page.

Everyone else can show your support for a secure computer rating on new computers by adding your comment on the Support Us page.


SecurityBrad – Founder of the Secure IT Foundation


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SecurityBrad – Home computer security, repairs and general advice in the Noord Holland region. Secure Computer Standard applied to Level 4 for the computer and Level 5 User Security Awareness training given to explain how to use the computer securely. Other services include encryption, hard drive destruction, secure data deletion, data backup, off site backup storage and general IT consultancy.

Contact via or email to securitybrad at gmail dot com

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