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Continuing our pictures of why computers can fail from overheating, here is a few examples of a laptop providing a mini ski slope for its inhabitants…





For those who freely give out their personal information on social networking sites like Facebook, you may be surprised to learn that up to 20% of all news feeds from Facebook take you to malicious or unwanted software. Over time this figure is just going to rise along the lines old fashioned email, before viruses and spam overtook legitimate traffic. You can read more about it here.

Our advice is always trust nothing on the Internet! If it sounds too be good to be true, like adding extra functions to see who has seen your profile or adds bonus goodies in Farmville, it is. Read our Home Computer Policy, and prepare yourself for the Internet properly.

These are the good times for Facebook, as currently more than 80% is still valid traffic so enjoy…


You do hope this was a pet!

You can see more computer filth here and here!


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