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Here at the Secure IT Foundation we face the constant problem that there is too much money in selling poorly configured computers, as it makes for a lot of support and repeat business. Free Anti Virus software, like ClamAV / Microsoft Security Essentials, does not generate money with repeat subscriptions like Norton or McAfee does. If we fix a computer well in the shop then we don’t see the customer again for some time, if at all, as most software will just auto update with little or no user intervention. Not good for repeat business but very good for home computer security.

From our shop in Rotterdam it is clear 99% of people have as much ‘accurate’ knowledge of computers as they do cars, TVs or HiFi systems. This raises a serious question then, why should they. Apple has made great progress in simplifying computing for the masses but it comes at a price. Ever heard of a low cost Mac computer apart from the iphone? So where is simple computing the populus? It doesn’t exist yet, so we have decided to make it ourselves…

Our goal is to produce a simple operating system based on Linux, where the home user has to do nothing special for it to work as expected. Sounds easy, most probably very hard in reality.

Times have changed, as demonstrated by the popularity of iPhones, most people just want to get on the internet and do Facebook / Twitter type social interaction, read their emails, write up their home work, call their friends on Skype. Well we want to provide the operating system to do this for free.

Monopolistic software empires have crumbled, money is in short supply around the world so cheap computing is about to make its mainstream appearance. The quality of open source software is now good enough for most people’s home computing needs, so the use of corporate business models for repeat selling to home computer users is about to end, and we want to make sure it does! Security can be delivered for free and as an integral part of the operating system, so extortionist tactics currently used by software vendors will become a thing of the past.

We will be adding a new website, project page on sourceforge, and limited invitations for beta testers in due course, but for know we just want people to let us know what you actually do with your computer and what software you currently use. The more you can help us now, the better the project will become when launched.

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