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How do your cleaning habits affect your computer security? Dirty computers = unreliable and often unusable computers. Why would a dirty computer cause problems? Simple really, most computers get very hot in use and use fans to cool them down just like you. These fans suck in colder air one side and blow out hot air on the other. Just like a vacuum cleaner, these fill with dust, dirt, smoke, hair etc and reduce how much you computer can cool itself down. How good is air conditioning when you are wearing a woolly jumper on a hot day.

You may not think your house is that dirty to affect your computer, but have a look at these pictures and guess how old these computers were…







dirty pc 5

  1. Computer case opened
  2. PC fan for cooling CPU / processor
  3. Graphics card fan for cooling CPU / processor
  4. PC fan for cooling CPU / processor
  5. Cooling block and fan for CPU / processor full of dust

How old do you think this computer was? Five years, eight years, no. These are all from a  computer less than two years old. If your computer is over three years old and full of dust you are sitting a little fire bomb waiting one day to catch light.

Proper filth I am sure you would agree. So what can you do to stop it? Nothing sadly unless you live in a clean room or laboratory.  You can minimise it by not having the computer on the floor or getting rid of your pets, else once a year give it a spring clean. Take it to a professional or if you feel ambitious get out the tool kit, take the side panels off and clean with an air duster with pipe cleaners for tricky fans. Do not use a vacuum cleaner, unless you want to see part of your computer disappear up it! Laptops are usually replaced before they need a clean but they can be dismantled and cleaned with an air duster. As usual, this is guidance only as you can ruin your computer quicker than a virus doing this badly. Static filled dusters are definitely out. If you are unsure just ask your local computer shop to do it properly for you.




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