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Why do hard drives fail?

Posted on: May 11, 2010

From experience we can safely say the biggest cause of hard drive failure is… YOU, the computer user!

Do you shut your computer off completely before you move it? Do you turn it off by using your operating system shutdown option? If  you answered no to either question and your hard drive fails then you now know why! Just held in the power button as you were fed up waiting for it to shutdown? Well a hard drive is a mechanical device and can be compared to an old fashioned record player. A needle moves over disks of metal reather than vinyl and is air cushioned these days but the principle is similar. Unless you shutdown the computer using the shutdown option then you are scratching the needle over your record by moving it. Same goes for holding in the power button to turn it off, this is like having a fancy automated record player which auto returns if you let it. Instead of waiting for the device to do its job, you are grabbing the needle and forcing it back into its housing violently.

The future for computers is to use Solid State Devices called SSDs which have no moving parts. Too expensive for most they are slowly becoming available. All laptops should have SSD storage over mechanical devices in our opinion. Both types suffer electronic failure but the user has to do some bad things to damage a SSD compared to hard drive!



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