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For those of you who do not use Secunia’s Personal Security Inspector software already (it is free for personal use!), make sure you have done your updates.

Adobe has become the new Microsoft for releasing insecure software and their Flash, Shockwave and Reader products all need urgent updating. Sun’s Java is not far behind in the insecurity stakes, and also needs to be checked that you are using the latest version. Both Adobe and Sun share one ability though, their old software is not fully removed when you update your products, so do check your browser plugins and installed software for old versions, or you can just use PSI and let it do the work for you!

You can blame the software providers for not fully security testing and releasing poorly secured software. The usual analogy is that it is like getting a car missing parts or a car with known defects, and this would never happen. Recent history has shown that car manufacturers also use the same security testing practices…




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