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How strong is your password?

Posted on: December 3, 2009

By strong password, we don’t mean how much can it support if printed out in 3D lettering! We mean a password that cannot be easily guessed, is not found in a dictionary of any language, is made up of lower and upper case letters, includes those funny symbols from the number row on your keyboard and is over 8 characters longs.

To be sure, and please don’t email us your passwords to find out if they are strong, use the Microsoft password checker at the following address:

Note the https:// in the link means it is a secure connection between you and Microsoft, but do not use if you worry about giving password information to Microsoft, their own privacy policy aside.

Do not use in the workplace as your own network may actually be more secure at home.

Warning though, if you have been held under RIPA being forced to disclose your password in the UK, do not use this service to see how strong the password really is, you know that password that you will not reveal the authorities, who would never be tapping your internet connection!



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