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Windows 7 – Expect a little disapointment…

Posted on: October 26, 2009

Now the dust is beginning to settle, Windows 7 testing has begun in earnest. IT professionals who have been using the Windows 7 release candidate for several months were a little surprised to see the final version is virtually the same. Our verdict from testing, is that it gives a good initial experience over Vista. Longer term use though gives a different impression.

Despite defragmenting the hard drive, tuning the OS and keeping the registry cleaned, Windows 7 just gets slower and slower in use. From a ‘wow that’s quick’ to ‘I want XP back’ in a few months. It is better than Vista, but that is no benchmark and in every day use XP still gives a better user experience, quicker to start, does less in the background and easier to keep well tuned.

There will be little OS choice soon, with XP being phased out (and Vista binned quicker than an ecoli sausage), so there is going to be a lot of people wondering why their super fast PC with Windows 7 starts running like a three legged dog. We will keep testing and eventually the slow down cause will be found. Once we do we will let you know as well, as security is marginally improved with Windows 7, and it is much better to run as non-admin user in 7 than XP. Even User Access Control (UAC) is tolerable in 7 compared to Vista, so the time when all Windows users login as non-admin users is getting closer.



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