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Personal Security#2 – Careless Talk Costs Lives!

Posted on: October 3, 2009

Just like Fougasse’s propaganda cartoons, Careless Talk Costs Lives, the information you reveal about yourself in public can affect your life. Next time you are in a bar  / cafe / smoking room and would like to make yourself sound interesting to others by giving away information about you and your job, think about who is listening. Those snippets of information about your private life and work life soon add up to enough information to blackmail you or make your life difficult at home at the least.

As an example while in a public smoking room recently, a conversation started among strangers. One decided to reveal he worked in the media for a leading news provider. He worked in the technical division, actually creating and managing news studios around the world and then continued giving away company information that I suspect is not made public. With this information a bad guy could blackmail the person directly, or worse find out about the person in question and contact family and friends to let them out of spite rather than financial reward.

So next you a chatting with strangers just think about what you say and where you say it. You never know I may not be the one listening!



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