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Security is in the mind

Posted on: October 2, 2009

Security is an odd concept. You cannot hold it or touch it but is controls and impacts your life daily. Cameras, monitoring and big brother like states all exist to achieve one aim, to control human behaviour. Do this, don’t do that, warnings, penalties. All there to control your behaviour, for the benefit of society. Problem is there is little apparent benefit for you if you comply, apart from not
being penalised.

In reality, governments usually do have good intentions and impose controls for your own benefit. Cameras do help solve crimes, monitoring of the Internet does stop terrorist actions and child abuse. Warnings are given because someone has ignored an obvious danger before, penalties so your inappropriate behaviour has a real impact in your life, where it hurts – in your bank balance!

The reason why security is a good thing is poorly explained though. It gets lost in the sea of negativity with the focus on extra costs and not what it might help prevent, so it is perceived as a bad thing. As the rewards for security are always that bad events did not happen to you, you will only see the rewards if you can picture the impact of the bad event that did not happen.

So in terms of home computers, the bad events usually are the computer gets hacked, your information stolen and used to make criminals money at your expense. Possibly your secrets could be made public to the world. Think about the real consequences about these events, and this is your reward every time they do not occur. The Risk Profile Questionnaire helps you consider what may be a threat, only you can put a value on these threats, as it is about your life. Security is in the mind, as only you can see the rewards for adopting a secure approach to home computing and only you can implement it.

So get your mind used to idea that security can be a good thing, read the Home Computer Policy and educate yourself and others.



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