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Posted on: September 29, 2009

The Internet is a military creation, never forget that! It was designed by the US so that wars could be fought with computers directing the war, sending information from one place to another. If one part of the military network were destroyed then it would not stop the information getting to other locations. The benefits of connecting computers were easy to see, and soon adopted for education and commercialisation, creating what you now know as the Internet.

In reality, the Internet is collection of computers linked by wires and wireless signals, sharing a set of commands. In the centre are the computers, which are the means that allows you to type in and your computer understand where to direct your request in computer language. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) acts as your gateway to other ISPs and computer networks. So when you go to web page first your computer has to connect to your ISP who forward your request to see a web page onto many other people until the response is sent back to you and you see the web page. If you thought only you and Google know what you are searching, you are much mistaken. Your ISP will be able to see the request, like a post office can see your envelope but unlike the postal service the Internet postman can read the contents. Any other computer along the way until you get to Google’s computers can also read your request including government and military, and they all can see the web page sent back by Google to you.

Posting a letter is more private than using the Internet, do not assume what you do on the Internet is anonymous or secret EVER! No better tool has ever been created which can allow governments understand what people think and do. Power is control and the power lies with governments and the computer and telecommunications corporations. Google may aim to do no evil but what would you if they did? Sue them, use another large corporation who may be worse, stop using the Internet? All you can do is use the Internet securely, but never give your trust to it as one day it may not be there for you…

Test your own computer security using the free tests at Audit My PC, you may be surprised at the results.



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