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The world is a bad place!

Posted on: September 25, 2009

If we lived in paradise then there would be no need for security. Good karma would rule, theft would be unknown and we could be proud of being whatever we want to be or do regardless of opinion. History has shown this is not the case, and humans will kill, steal or take opportunities when presented, even if it is known to be a bad thing. You have secrets because you consider other people would view your actions in a negative light if you made them public, else they would not be secrets! The golden rule of home computer security has nothing to do with computers. It is about trust.

If a stranger comes to your home and asks you for your credit card details, as he wants to steal money from you, would you invite him in and hand over your card? Unlikely we think, but why not? The answer is you do not trust the stranger. Strangers are usually distrusted as part of human behaviour. You assessed the risk of the stranger and believe it to be high enough not to perform the actions requested. On the Internet you cannot see the person coming into your home so you cannot use your usually method of deciding to trust the person. Normal behaviour rules no longer apply.



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