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The Security Ostrich

Posted on: September 11, 2009

The security ostrich is a big bird but one with a small brain! Mythically it buries it head in the sand as soon as anyone mentions security. The security ostrich has a bit of a disconnect with reality. Although it sees the risks in real life, on the Internet this bird just runs away, claiming there are no risks on the Internet. Occasionally it can be heard squawking that it has nothing to lose, never banks online (due to only having two toes), or has no secrets in life at all.

If only the security ostrich had read the Risk Profile Questionnaire. It may discover that there are some things that it does not want other people to know or see, like where it grazes or those featherless pictures. Even if this bird really has absolutely no threats or secrets, there is a whole category of risks that have been ignored. There are a small subset of the ostrich family that is really mean. It likes to takeover the typically friendly ostrich’s computer and use the friendly ostrich’s identity to commit crime while hiding its own identity online. This breed of mean ostrich then uses the nice ostrich’s nest to store pictures of fledglings, launder money, and break into other nests all safe in the knowledge if the flock police come along, then it is the friendly ostrich that becomes the stool pigeon!

On the Internet, every species needs security. Otherwise evolution will apply, and the weaker types like the security ostrich will become extinct. If only the security ostrich knew that online with security, it could have been a lion. If it didn’t run away from the risks and showed its virtual claws, the security ostrich’s inevitable extinction could be postponed for a bit longer.



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[…] just makes it easy for people you cannot see face to face, to con you from your money. The security ostrich is bad with security due to ignorance, but if you get taken in by your greed on the Internet / […]

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