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SWOM and STOM day – update time

Posted on: September 9, 2009

Not just a pun for Dutch speakers, STOM is the Second Tuesday of the Month. A very important day for Windows users as around 9pm (BST+1) Microsoft releases all the security updates for the month. So SWOM or Second Wednesday of the Month = Windows Update day. In theory, current versions of Windows will auto update. In practice, they may eventually or if the user clicks on the yellow shield and says yes to install the updates.

So every SWOM, run Windows Update from your Start Menu. If your computer is working fine then only do the High Priority(Critical) updates, leave the important and hardware well alone! Some Important updates are actually quite important, like base certificate updating, but if you are not sure just do the High Priority updates or let Windows decide by choosing the ‘express’ option on older versions of Windows.



2 Responses to "SWOM and STOM day – update time"

[…] busy times for computer security. If you were not aware, Microsoft, omitted in this month’s STOM day a security fix for a networking issue that has been fixed in final version of Windows 7, but leaves […]

[…] there is no patch available or planned for this month’s STOM. There is a simple FixIt made available for free from Microsoft, and we recommend that all XP and […]

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