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Snow leopard security gone in a Flash…

Posted on: September 4, 2009

The Secure IT Foundation is working to convince computer manufacturers and sellers to change to sell computers ‘secure out the box’, but sadly one company that completely refuses to listen is Apple. Their latest operating system not only has issues with the security of the browser, but will actually reduce your security when using the Internet by forcing you to use an insecure version of Abobe’s Flash Player.

It is easily fixed with an update, but to ship a product with obvious security holes, is reminiscent of Ford and the seat belt problems in the past. Would it have cost that much to update it before going to the CD presses, isn’t your security worth more than the cost of a burning another CD?

Just because you are using a Mac does not make you any more secure than a Windows user in everyday life. If you think otherwise, you are a smug mac user and we know what will happen to them – sad mac.

Update: Also Java is reported as insecure with Snow Leopard from the install now. Fixed as usual  with an update, this one from Apple itself.



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