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You may have the read the previous post about STOM / SWOM day for Windows users, and thought that is was just a problem only Windows users have to deal with. You do have apply updates to Macs just like Windows. It may be set to automatic on your Mac, so it is worth you checking it out and seeing how many updates have not yet been applied!

The problem is Apple’s security strategy is not public for all to see. They do not release updates on a regular basis and announce it like Microsoft. Microsoft started addressing security when it hit their profit margin and do make good attempts to keep Windows secure. The only issue with Windows is that it relies on the user to ensure it is properly configured, whereas Macs come with better security settings by default. Once you install additional applications, both operating systems security can be compromised¬†–¬†you gave the software permission to install with the administrative password, so it can do anything to your computer!

So before Mac users think they are more secure as they do not have a Second Tuesday of the Month moment, they should consider asking Apple to know when and what will be released and have it released on a set day. For the ultra critical security updates, Microsoft issues them outside of the STOM, which highlights how serious they are, as it could not wait for the official update day.

In meantime Apple software users on Windows and Mac need to apply updates to the Safari web browser. See: and




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